Celebrities – When they were 20

Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque turned thickly thick on us with the quickness. This is again some technology aid. It is just not possible to turn the tables on your competitors so quickly just like that. It is an induced change, but what fine change I must say!

At 20

Nicki Minaj
Onika Tanya Maraj is enjoying the miracle of modern surgery. Do you think there was some miracle like Gods really changed somebody so much like the frog in that old fairy tale changed into a prince just by getting a kiss? It does not seem too possible to me. Apparently, the modern surgery techniques have really evolved and now what we see after surgery is a pretty face!


Angela Simmons
She was the frumpy little sis who suddenly got curvy and fine. Some part of this beautiful and attractive change can be achievable through sheer age or growing up factor. However, this does not look like the complete story here.

NowILTS-Angela Simmons
At 20
ILTS-Angela Simmons1

Jennifer Hudson
She lost that weight and it was a wrap…but she could have stopped 20 pounds ago. Okay, let me think again. Is it just weight loss? If yes, then she has really done a hell of a job. Though I truly believe she would have looked way more sexy and attractive if she was not this thin.

NowILTS-Jennifer Hudson
At 20ILTS-Jennifer Hudson1

Janet Jackson
Remember her as Penny? Penny grew up nice. She has some of the charisma from the other Jackson we all so very well know. From an ordinary Penny, she has grown up into a fine attractive woman!

NowILTS-Janet Jackson
At 20
ILTS-Janet Jackson1

The Rock
Dwayne Johnson was a big lumpy wrestler but ladies went crazy for that Hollywood body. Rock has been an attractive face since ages but my God! How the man has changed himself from just a good looking wrestler to some one who has a hunk like body to die for! Rock has done a great job here!

At 20