Word Dean Notes…


‘To divide one’s own and give part to others’ is a recorded meaning of the word share.  The information contained on this site is all about freely sharing the written material that I have developed and used in a large variety of business situations.  In many cases an English expert would have been best served for a professional review, however, by writing the way I think makes it so much more easy verbalizing my thoughts during the follow-up session that is necessary when sending out written material.

There are tons of sources for gaining an insight on developing the written word, notwithstanding, these communication pieces may provide that extra thought to help you turn heads with your project.  Feel free to click on the pages in the above menu and find items that include introductory product communiqué, congratulatory and thank you correspondence, résumé covers, personal profiles, expressions of complaint/criticism, executive summaries, reference letters, and mission statements.

We can only feel so blessed to live during a time when technology permits the ease of sharing information in the freedom of cyberspace.  I hope your next written expression brings out your strongest passion and serves to manifest your dreams of greater achievement.

Empowering regards,

Dean L. Jones, C.P.M.

Author: spirit